• Custom Small 3" Round / Square / Cut to Shape patches as low as $1.25 each

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Custom Small 3" Round / Square / Cut to Shape patches as low as $1.25 each

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  • Availability: In Stock
  • Price: $5.00

  • QTY 1 - $5.00
  • 6 or more $4.00
  • 12 or more $3.00
  • 24 or more $2.50
  • 50 or more $1.75
  • 100 or more $1.25

The patch image for this product is considered a simple patch design for ordering purposes.  If you have something with a difficulty near this level, plan on ordering something like QTY 6 or 12.  If you have questions as to the difficulty level, you can send your image to me through the contact us page.  You will need to fill out the contact form.  You will receive an auto-response from our site.  Reply to that e-mail with your image and the QTY you want to order.  I will get back with you with the minimum QTY.

If you have a simple design with lettering only, there is no minimum QTY to order.  If you have a difficult design like the image on the 3.5" round patch product, you will need to order at least QTY 24.

We are no longer offering the iron on backing for free on our patches.  It is now a optional add on item, with the cost based on the size of the patch.

QTY 1 = $5
QTY 6 = $4.00/each
QTY 12 = $3.00/each
QTY 24 = $2.50/each
QTY 50 = $1.75/each
QTY 100 or more = $1.25/each

These custom round patches are MADE IN THE USA patches.  They are made by me and my family in Ozark, Missouri.

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