Artwork Help Ideas for the artistically challenged

I have had several people ask about artwork/drawing help, so I thought I would give a few ideas.

If you are wanting a custom patch and just have no artistic ability, here are a few ideas that others as well as myself have used to get the one of a kind artwork that makes a patch look great!.

1- Go to a "Junior" or small local College or vo-tech.  Most of them have a Graphic Arts department filled students broke or on the verge of starving.  I had a customer try this.  He went to the school, talked to the teacher/instructor, and got permission to address the class.  I offered $100 for digital artwork and someone accepted the offer:  2-3 days later he had his image....exactly what he wanted.
2- Go to the local high school art department.  I did this myself and it worked.  Same price $100, and I got a really cool design.  It took longer, about 7-10 days, but I was very happy with the result.
3- This option is more expensive, but you can go to a tattoo parlor and those guys can draw you something.  It will usually cost more then $100, ( but you can negotiate for their off time), but you will ALWAYS get a cool design.  Tattoo people and biker people think alike.  You will get an epic design.

In any case, you might want to find something on google to show the artist,  but I just described what I wanted and drew stick figures to give the basic concept to the artist that made my design.  I wanted to give the artist the latitude to create something truly custom and one of a kind.  Only you can decide how much control you want over the process.  Be sure to tell the artist that your payment includes the copyright to the need to own it.

I hope this helps you.