It seems that I get asked the same questions over and over again.  So I am going to take a minute and cover these questions for everyone right now!

WE MAKE PATCHES IN MY FACTORY HERE IN OZARK, MISSOURI. So YES, they are made in the USA.  AND, Yes, they are embroidered patches - we do not screen print them.   If you want to see us and know a little more about us, you can view a TV Commercial produced by one of our customers that features our company and I narrate it myself.  IT IS NOT OUR COMMERCIAL.  We make the labels for this dog bed company and THEY used it to promote their business.  But it will give you a good view at us and our business philosophy.

I get over 1000 emails a week.  I just don't have time to answer them all.
I have clearly priced our items.  Please look at the site first.
If you don't find anything close to what you are looking for, then ask for a quote.
Keep in mind, rockers come in many shapes, they are priced by size.  If your shape is different, go to the size.
Odds are it will be the same price or at the very least quite close.  WE DO NOT PLAY GAMES WITH PRICING.........SO NO YOU DON'T NEED TO CONFIRM.  WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!

We can accommodate most fonts for your lettering, BUT YOU HAVE TO TELL ME THE NAME OF THE FONT!  We have a place for "OTHER FONT"...THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU SAY, "SEE ARTWORK".  Scanning the lettering into the program produces the lowest quality lettering AND takes lots more time.  If you are only wanting a few patches, I MUST know the name of the font.  Typing it in manually is faster and creates a much better product....SO PLEASE TELL ME THE NAME OF THE FONT.  If your font is a secret and telling me the name of the font would compromise NATIONAL SECURITY, then we are probably not the place to have your patches made.  If you just don't know, that's fine.....but tell me you don't know.  If I can't find it, I may be able to find something close.  If you are wanting a name patch, or rocker, I can most likely make the lettering fit on your patch.  It may need too lines.  If you have 30 characters, It probably will need multiple lines if you are wanting a 3 inch name tag.  I can squish it, but it probably won't look good.  Another thing about lettering, if you are wanting a hundred words on a single patch, the lettering is going to be small.  I CANNOT MAKE LETTERING SMALLER THEN .15" and make it legible.  If you go .2" it will be much better.  That being said, if you have professional artwork, I will do my best to make it as small as possible.  DO NOT come back and tell me about how small it is and that it is not easy to read.  If it isn't easy to read in your artwork, it won't be easy to read after I am done.  I understand you and everyone else wants all the fancy fonts, but I can only do so much with thread.  This isn't screen printing.  I will do the best I can, but the burden is on you to create a workable design.  Everything I need is on this page.  If you choose not to read it or if you choose to ignore it, DO NOT come back and act like it is my fault.  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ASK!  The time to ask is before I make the patches, not after they are done.  

If you want your patch to be an odd shape, that is not a problem.  We can cut to shape many patches.  Now keep in mind, I don't have a $100K laser cutter, so I am not interested in cutting between every feather in an eagle.  But, most shapes are not a problem.  If you are not sure if yours is too complicated, shoot me an e-mail with the image.

All of these types of patches are priced on the site!  We offer 2 styles of rockers on the site.  The difference is the left and right edges.  Style 1 is vertical edges and style 2 is angled edges.  There are set angles we use for those rockers.  We use those standard layouts because we can fit more in the machine at one time.  That is the reason we can offer them so cheap.  If you want another shape that requires extra time to set up, there may be an additional set up cost.  And, if the shape makes it so they can only be made 1 at a time, there will be an additional cost for each of the rockers.  I get hundreds of e-mails everyday asking me about pricing that I have clearly listed on the site.  WE DON'T PLAY GAMES WITH PRICING!  What you see is what you get.  Shipping is $4 or $6 per order, with EXPRESS shipping being $25---WE DON'T CHARGE SET UP FEES.  I understand if you have something different, you may need to ask, but PLEASE take the time to look at our site before just defaulting on an e-mail.  That being said, if you have a really complicated patch- you may need to order more then just a few.  The minimum purchase may be higher, but the prices are as listed. Complicated patches must be ordered in QTY 24 or greater, or the equivalent to a $60 minimum order.  If you are unsure, read through the small round patch descriptions for examples.  Back patches are now priced on the site also.  If you are trying to compare my product to a Chinese quote, don't waste your time.  I don't discount my work to compete with the Chinese.  You will get what you pay for either way.......AND - NO I DON'T FIX PATCHES YOU BOUGHT FROM SOMEONE ELSE.  AS I told the last group, "how's that 25 cent savings working out for you now."

How to figure the QTY for pricing:
The website will add all like items together for pricing.  For example, if you order 4" officer tags - QTY 12 and then order QTY 12 name tags that are 4", you will automatically get the QTY 24 price, because they are the same item.  Same goes with the rockers, top/bottom/straight.

Turn Around Time:
I am the manufacturer.  I make these patches in my factory in Missouri.  If I get 100 orders in a day the turn around is not as fast as if I get 5 orders in a day.  Everyday is different.  Asking today about turnaround time and placing your order a month from now is not wise.  Most of the time we can turn out small patch orders in a 2-14 days.  Larger orders may take a week to 10 days-and up to 4 weeks, depending on the size and complexity.  We are currently running 3-4 weeks on most complex and large orders.  Back patches take longer to set up and make.  Give me some time....DO YOU REALLY WANT THE FAST VERSION:  Give me at least 2-4 weeks if you can.  Making quality patches takes time.  When you rush, mistakes happen.  I don't like mistakes.  It costs me money and future customers.  That said, if you have a reasonable deadline, tell me what it is.  I will honestly tell you if I can meet it or not.  If I can I will.  This does not include rush orders - see below.  If you have a deadline, you MUST PUT THE DEADLINE DATE IN THE COMMENTS OR INSTRUCTIONS.  Then call me with the order number.  If you don't put it in the order, you will not get them on time.  It is that simple.  I talk to 50 people a day and get more then 100 e-mails EVERYDAY.  I just can't keep track of everything without it being in the order.

I don't like to do RUSH orders.  I tell everyone I won't do RUSH orders.  Rush orders are a privilege given to those who have ordered from us in the past.  Are you a regular customer that has ordered from us in the past? If so, rush orders are normally not a problem; we can most likely accommodate your needs.  If you are a first time customer calling on a Monday -and you need the patches in your hands by Friday - we probably are not the place for you. That said, if you are a regular customer of ours, we would be glad to help. As a rule, we don't do rush orders for first time customers.  First time customers normally have some Chinese reseller that dropped the ball and now you are rushing.  I don't play those games.  If you use a Chinese reseller, then stick with whoever you are using and suck it up.  That is the price for Cheap Chinese patches, versus American made patches.  For those of you that have a deadline for your patches.........PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PUT THE DEADLINE DATE IN THE "COMMENT SECTION".  If you need them in your hands in 2-4 weeks for a weekend rally or event, it is RARE for us not to be able to accommodate.  But, I can't do it if I don't know when you need let me the "Comment Section", or the "Instructions" - put it somewhere.  If you don't put the deadline in the order- I WON'T KNOW YOU HAVE A DEADLINE.  I DON'T READ MINDS AND I GET HUNDREDS OF CALLS A WEEK- I WON'T REMEMBER YOUR CALL.  ADD THE DEADLINE IN THE COMMENTS OR INSTRUCTIONS. 

Due Date or Dead Line for your patches:
For those of you that have a deadline for your patches.........PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PUT THE DEADLINE DATE IN THE "COMMENT SECTION".  If you need them in your hands in 2-4 weeks for a weekend rally or event, it is RARE for us not to be able to accommodate.  But, I can't do it if I don't know when you need let me the "Comment Section", or the "Instructions" - put it somewhere.

Gradient coloring:  If you are wanting gradient coloring for your patch, this is not possible with thread.  Gradient coloring is when you seamlessly go from like the color black to white with no color change lines, or from yellow to red in flames with no color change lines.  This is impossible with thread.  Thread is one color and you can only use 1 color at a time in the machine.  Oh sure, you can layer different color threads on top of each other, but it never looks gradient and it creates other manufacturing issues.  If you are willing to change the artwork (or let us do it) by removing the gradient and substituting a 1 or a few more colors to replace the gradient in your image, then great, we can make them.  If you are wanting true gradient, no substitutions, then I am sorry but I just can't help you.

Quality of our Patches:
We are professional EMBROIDERY patch makers.  We have a factory in Ozark Missouri.  I don't make these in my garage.
We are not a regular embroidery shop.  Patch making is not the same business as an embroidery shop, even though embroidery shops will disagree.  We use proprietary backings made for us.  I don't use the cheap twill everyone else uses on their patches, so if that is what you want- then just go to someone that uses those backings-  I don't and I won't.  The backing behind the colored part of the patch is proprietary also.  As a matter of fact, it is not part of the embroidery industry- so few if any even know about it- and fewer still use it.   The reason I tell you this is because we make the best quality patches in the USA.  And, I take great offense at people that e-mail me and say, "I'm ordering 1 and if I like it I'll order more."  That is about as insulting to me as you can get.  I normally just delete the orders with comments like that and refund the money.  So if you ARE JUST ORDERING 1, that is fine, just don't treat me like a dog that poo'd on the floor and rub my nose in it.  Just place your order, no rude comments, and see if you like what we do.  Since we have made more then two million patches, for more then 1000 - MC's, RC's, MM's, Social Clubs, and so on worldwide in 14 countries, I feel confident you will like what we do.

Set-Up Fee:
Another thing we do differently, is that we do not charge a digitizing fee on all orders.  Obviously, you need to order enough of any small patches to cover the time to set up the digitizing file.  Free set up QTY varies, but it is normally between 12-24 patches.  Not a huge amount.  If you only want JUST A COUPLE small complex design patches, then yes, we will send you a payment link for a $15 set up fee.  It takes time and money to set up your design.  I can't just click a button.  Back patches are priced so it doesn't matter how many you order.  Since we do not charge a digitizing fee, we do not send out the dst files we used to make the patches.  I keep them on file, and do not use them for anyone other then you.  You see, we have a proprietary way of digitizing and this gives us an advantage over our competition.  That is the reason we don't give out the files, so if this is an issue, don't order from us.  There is a reason we are the best.  And our stitch count and digitizing is the reason.

Artwork:  The better the artwork the better the patch.  Every week I get scans of brown paper grocery sacks with a crayon drawing on it.  For the most part, those are very difficult to work with.  I have to start over and completely redraw the image and many times it just won't work.  Please at least use paper that DOES NOT HAVE LINES ON IT and is the color WHITE.  I can usually make those pictures work.  And if you use the wording like, "I WANT IT TO BE EXACTLY LIKE THE IMAGE", or "I won't accept a patch that is not EXACT replica of the image", or something like that, don't be surprised when I cancel your order and refund your purchase price. Embroidery is not an EXACT medium or art form.  We make close representations of your artwork.  EXACT duplication in many cases is not possible.  Lots of fine lines that are thicker then the width of a thread, that are close to each other in the image, will just glob together when embroidered.  My job is to create a patch that is as close to your image as I can get, while maintaining the integrity of your image. Just because you can create an image, doesn't mean it will look good when EXACTLY duplicated as a patch.  I have made more then a million patches.  This is my business.  If you can't work with this, then we are not the patch makers for you. 


Free samples and/or samples before you order are offered by the Chinese companies. How can they do it?  Well, they pay their people a quarter an hour plus a bowl of rice a day.  Would you work for neither. 
THAT BEING SAID:  I don't start on a project until I have a paid order.  Once you order, I look at what you are wanting to see if I have any questions.  If not, I get started on the digitizing as quickly as I can.  When the digitizing is finished, there are 2 options.  If the design is simple, we just make and ship them.  If the design is complex or I think there may be issues, I will send a layout proof for you to look at.  I do not send color proofs...ever.  Each monitor is different, and I have spend days trying to explain to people that I know what "black and white" are.  We are too busy making patches for other groups to waste time on the shade of periwinkle, or goldenrod in the digital image.  It is just the digitizing, I program the machines to use what ever color you tell me to use.  The digitizing doesn't tell the machines anything about color.  So go to the color chart(if you need to), Choose your colors, confirm the layout, and we will run them. Understand, I know what red is, I don't need a number to use it.  Just tell me red, white, black, royal blue, brown, etc.  If you have a specific shade of brown, then call and we can figure it out.  BUT PLEASE, don't make this harder then it is.  Getting patches made is not difficult.  Just simply tell me what you want and I'll make them.  Don't complicate it!  

I also don't do proofs for lettering only patches, and name tags.  I'm not stupid, I know you want the lettering/wording centered on the patch.  I've made millions of patches. Please give me a little credit.  And If we do screw it up, we will either remake them or refund your purchase with a return of all patches - including all the extras we send.

We make patches as quickly as we can.  So, from time to time a bad one will get through.  Do not worry about this, because we always send extra patches.  Trust me, you are always going to get that little bit extra from us.  It is just how we do things here.