Sample Patches


If you want to see what we do, order a name tag.  They are cheap and will give you an idea.  We don't make custom samples of designs with a graphic.

Unlike 99.9% of the other companies on the internet that sell patches, I actually make the the patches myself, here in my factory in Missouri.
We have a limited number of patches that we are capable of producing each week:  About 5000-8000.  We are currently at maximum production levels, and have been there for quite some time.
While we don't have a minimum order QTY per se, the QTY does have to be big enough to cover the set up time and allow us to make a profit.  I'm just not interested in making $1/hour.
It takes me the same amount of time to produce 1 patch as it does to make your whole order.  The only difference is machine time.  HOWEVER, If you are wanting a back patch sample, I will make it.  The cost is $100 for any size.  I won't credit the cost toward the real order, give a discount on the next order, or anything else.  You just get 1 patch.  Then, when you realize I am not the screw up you ordered from previously- you can place the real order.

I am going to guess that you (or your customer) want samples or a minimum order because someone somewhere in the past has produced patches that were less then acceptable for you...........  It wasn't me!
We have made more then a million patches over the past several years.  We are so busy now that we don't have to advertise anymore.
Not advertising means, we mostly service long time customers through reorders or orders from people referred to us by long time customers.
For the most part, I don't have to sell new people on our Skill or the Quality of our product.  My customers do the selling for me.
While I do respect your apprehension to placing the order you really need, making samples to prove I am good enough to get the real order, just isn't something I have time to do.  I am too busy making patches for customers that know I'm good enough.

The good news is that there are lots of companies out there with nothing to do but make samples.  Of course you have to ask yourself, why are they not too busy to make samples.........hum...........maybe THEY were the ones that made the crappy patches that you got stuck with. 

Understand, I am not trying to be mean here.
I just don't have time to work for free.

If you or your customer wish to use us, we would love to make your patches.
If not, Good luck on your project.
Either way, thanks for your interest in our company