Turn Around Time

Since COVID hit, about 1/2 of the USA patch manufacturers went out of business.  This includes 4 of the big 7:  #1 and #2 included.  Many of the smaller manufactures closed or retired and sent their customers to us.  This has created a serious backlog of orders.  We are now working 6 days a week, 13 hours a day.  I can't work more then that.

We are also seeing a HUGE increase in Memory patches.  We honor the dead by making all the Memory patches first.  This has pushed many of our regular orders back too.  
The bottom line here is that if you are in a hurry, YOU NEED TO CALL ME before ordering.  I may not be able to meet your deadline.

Turn Around time for your order is hard to determine.  Name tags, lettering only patches, rockers, and simple patches will normally ship in 2-10 days.  If you have a back patches, rockers, and a whole list of patches, your order will probably ship in about 4 weeks, maybe a little quicker, but always plan on at least 4 weeks.  If your back patch is really complicated then plan for 4 weeks maybe more- depending on how busy we are at the time of your order.  Keep in mind, we are not Chinese resellers.  We are a family business.  We work 6 days a week for 10-14 hours a day.  WE work hard to get things out quickly, but there are only so many hours in a day.  Please give us time to make your patches look great.

If you have a deadline for receiving your patches, give us a call toll free at 877-735-1377 and we can discuss your project.  I can NORMALLY meet any deadline if I know about it before hand or at least on the day you order.  I can't read minds.  Deadlines require a notation on the order and a phone call.  Just keep this thing in mind:


Calling me daily will not get your order done faster.  It will slow it down, because it will just piss me off.

Give me a call and lets talk