• Small Custom Year Rocker Tabs - as low as $0.50

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Small Custom Year Rocker Tabs - as low as $0.50

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  • Price: $2.00

  • QTY 1 - $2.00
  • 25 or more $1.00
  • 50 or more $0.75
  • 100 or more $0.50

The small custom year tabs are meant to be purchased in large QTY's:  QTY 50, QTY 100, or greater.  We will make smaller QTY's but the cost is much higher.  Here are the price discounts:

24 or more $1.00
50 or more $0.75
100 or more $0.50

You will notice there are multiple choices for the type of tab - Straight - Top Rocker - Bottom Rocker .  We offer these in 1.5" wide, and 2" wide sizes.

Since this is numbers only, we normally use just a block font.  IF you want us to use something else, you will need to call after placing the order and we will tell you whether we can use that font or not.

You can order multiple years to obtain the higher QTY.  In the text box, place your order like this:

2012 - QTY 40
2013 - QTY 50
2014 - QTY 10

This is a QTY 100 order and will qualify for that pricing discount.

These custom patches are MADE IN THE USA.  They are made by me and my family in Ozark, Missouri.

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