• Custom Back Patch - 10"  A+ (as low as $20.00)

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Custom Back Patch - 10" A+ (as low as $20.00)

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Custom Back Patch - 10" A+ (as low as $20.00)

Custom back patches are priced in 4 size categories.  This is the #2 size:  Pretty much the standard size center patch.  The 10" Minimum size means that the minimum or smaller dimension can not be bigger then 10 inches.  This patch is never a circle.  It always has 1 dimension longer then the other.  You can have a cut to shape size of 12" x 10", 13" x 9" or slightly bigger .  The Final size MUST be able to fit in our standard size large machine brace. So if you have a bigger size in mind, I will need to see your design to make sure it fits. If it doesn't quite fit, I can scale it back to fit in this size, or you can go up to the next size back patch pricing.  Be sure to put the size you are wanting in the instructions. 
If you are not familiar with our company and want just 1 center patch, that is not a problem.  WE offer that in our pricing.  Most groups are small, so we extend our pricing out to a QTY 24 pricing.  If you need a greater QTY, just let me know.  Greater QTY pricing will be determined on an each patch basis.  Please don't read things into our pricing.  What you see is what you get.  Unlike other companies or the chinese companies, we don't limit the number of stitches for your patch.  Call around to other companies and ask them the cost of a center patch with 150,000 stitches:  That is the average number of stitches a patch this size has in it.   What you will find is that our pricing is less then 1/2 of what other companies charge. 

If you send me an e-mail asking for a quote on your center patch, I will just refer you to the appropriate link.  If you are not sure where your size falls in our pricing structure, just send me the size of your patch and I will tell you which section applies.  There are no additional costs or fees associated with the production of your center patch.  WE do charge $4 shipping for each order placed.

QTY 1- $100
QTY 4 - $30.00/each
QTY 6 - $25.00/each
QTY 12 - $22.50 /each
QTY 24 - $20.00/each

These custom back patches are MADE IN THE USA patches.  They are made by me and my family in Ozark, Missouri.

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