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If you are needing a quote, PLEASE check the site for pricing first.  Almost all of our pricing is on the site.  We have "UPTO" pricing.  So If your patch is a size not listed, then click on the link of the next bigger size.  If you have a rocker that is a different shape, click the size that is the same or greater then your rocker.  That will be the price. 

YES we make patches that are cut to shape.  Just order the right size and upload your image when you order.  If I have questions, I WILL ASK.  I am not bashfull.  I will call, leave a message, or e-mail.

If you want to know if there is a minimum order, based on complexity, for your small patch, send it over to me.  I will send the pricing/ordering link for you and tell you the minimum.  The most you may have to order is QTY 24, many patches require no minimum or low QTY 6 or 12.

One other thing, our patches are made in the USA.  We are NOT chinese resellers.  WE make everything from start to finish.  We DO NOT USE BLANKS.  We tell everyone that our turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.  Large or very complex orders may take that long.  Most take less.  I cannot give you a specific ship date.  Our business just does not work that way.  IF YOU HAVE A DEADLINE- YOU NEED TO TELL ME UP FRONT and I will tell you if I can meet it.  We can meet most deadlines if we know about them before hand.  AND, when we can't meet your deadline, I will tell you up front.





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